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Audioworks (NW) Ltd.

Monitor Screens

Rack Mount Monitor
Price: £370.00 + VAT
£444.00 inc. VAT
Rack mount monitor with 2 recessed 7" monitors in one rugged 19" rack mounting 3U high. With TFT active matrix, it offers a sharp and high contrast display. Easy to setup and adjust with front panel keys and OSD. Video image reverse up/down/left/right and Video 1/2 hot keys. With universal applications potential. Ideal for the montiroing systems and multimedia video applications.
19" TFT Monitor
Price: £130.00 + VAT
£156.00 inc. VAT
4:3 Aspect Ratio, 19" TFT monitor screen.

Ideal monitor screen for Church Audio Visual Installations. Suitable as a relay screen, for use in another part of the building such as a creche.
Budget LCD 7" Preview Monitor
Price: £85.00 + VAT
£102.00 inc. VAT
This 7" widescreen monitor is ideal for previewing DVD's for full projection. With a depth of just 39mm and height of 126mm it makes a very compact unit. Weighing just 620g and using a 12v dc supply this compact unit is very versatile.
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