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Audioworks (NW) Ltd.


We have offered training with all installations since 1996 but earlier this year we launched our first bespoke training sessions to cover Audio and Audio Visual applications. The training sessions are designed to cover basic principles of sound mixing specifically for worship group and church applications.

Other areas that are covered on our training days are principles in utilising audio visual applications such as EasyWorship. More and more churches are now embracing the possibilities of using multi media.  Our recommended software is EasyWorship and with the launch of the 2009 version it makes it easier to incorporate media clips available online


Audio Training:

The aim of this training module is to dimistify the art of live sound mixing and to look at the techniques needed within a church worship group setting. We will be looking at microphone technique and placement, how to avoid feedback and creating a good mix.

EasyWorship Training:

Over the past few years we have seen an explosion of new technologies and software used in church services. The impact of these can be amazing. Our training sessions on EasyWorship aim to explain the practical side of these new technologies and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

PowerPoint Training:

Linking into the Easyworship training we will be exploring techniques of how to use PowerPoint effectively. Our training draws on commercial techniques on how to communicate effectively and leave a lasting message with the target audience.

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