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Audioworks (NW) Ltd.



St Thomas' Kendal

Installation at St. Thomas' Kendal

The brief for this project was fairly simple, a good sounding solution that would offer excellent coverage and performance whilst remaining sympathetic to the church's interior. Following initial discussions with St Thomas's it was agreed that a line array would offer the most complete solution. This is quite unusual in the church sector due to budget constraints when specifying such a system.

The sound system integrates with a full Audio Visual installation without compromising the interior of the church building.


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Ingleton Methodist Church - IMC

Ingleton Methodist Church AV InstallationThis was a unique opportunity for Audioworks as this is the church Martin and Michelle attend. This gave us unique access at all stages of the process from planning, through design to completion.  This installation also combined the two main areas of our work in installing the PA system and the Audio visual equipment as well.

The project came about because of a total refurbishment of the church due to expansion. We were able to plan cable routes and positions during the refurbishment which meant that we could avoid unsightly wiring.

Due to the expanding use of audio visual equipment in this Church a key requirement was to establish good visibility. This was made difficult by the new layout of the main church room so additional TFT monitors were used to enhance the viewing positions available.



Giggleswick School Chapel

Installation at Giggleswick School Chapel

This installation is a very contrasting example of the work that Audioworks carry out. The brief for this project was to be as discreet as possible. For example, the speakers that were to be fitted to this very beautiful chapel were not to be seen.

To achieve this we used flat panel speakers and painted them to blend with the backgrounds they were mounted on. The main speakers being mounted onto wooden panels so were painted to look like wood. All of this had to not compromise the acoustic balance that was required in such a difficult space. The central feature of the chapel being a magnificent dome which provides its own natural acoustic challenges.

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