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Audioworks (NW) Ltd.

Induction Loop Systems

What is an induction loop system?

An induction loop system allows hearing aid users to receive a direct audio feed from microphones and music sources.

Induction Loop DiagramHow it works

It works by transmitting a magnetic field that is picked up by the hearing aid. That magnetic field is supplied by a loop of cable which is normally hidden under the flooring of a room. A basic loop system is quite simple to put together. In fact it is rather like a standard sound system but with the loudspeaker replaced by the induction loop.

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)

The aim of the Disability Discrimination Act is to provide appropriate facilities for disabled people. Including the hearing impaired.

Service providers offering facilities and services to the general public, must make 'reasonable' adjustments to ensure they do not unlawfully discriminate against disabled people.

It is not enough to simply install an induction loop system - it must be properly maintained and staff must know how to use and test it, in addition it must be fit for the purpose. That is why at Audioworks we offer full training on all our installations. We also provide a back up warranty on our installations and can provide technical support for installations now out of warranty.

All our installations not only conform to the DDA but comply with the current UK legislation relating to induction loop systems, BS8300 Design for New Buildings, where applicable.  Within this legislation Churches have been pinpointed for consideration.

Portable loop systems

A portable loop system can be used in the absence of a sound system. It is ideally suited for one on one zone communication like small meeting room environments.

A portable loop system is a simple unit that picks up a persons voice and converts it into an electromagnetic signal that can be picked up by a hearing aid user that has set the hearing aid to the 'T' position.

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