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Shure Automatic Mixers

Shure IntelliMix SCM410E
Price: £825.00 + VAT
£990.00 inc. VAT
Automatic mixing is a tremendous problem-solving tool allowing sound system installers to eliminate common problems such as insufficient gain before feedback and muddy speech quality. Shure is the industry leader in automatic mixing with our unique IntelliMix technology. IntelliMix automatically gates microphones on and off to optimize sound quality in conference facilities, houses of worship, governmental institutions, schools, etc. Shure's...
Shure IntelliMix SCM810E
Price: £1450.00 + VAT
£1740.00 inc. VAT
This eight-channel automatic mixer features Shure's patented IntelliMix®, which activates only microphones being addressed, minimizing poor audio caused by multiple open microphones. Key Features: Eight balanced mic-line input channels. One unbalanced 1/4" aux input level control. Eight unbalanced 1/4" direct line level outputs. One balanced master line/mic level output. Selectable 48V phanton power per channel. Level selectable peak output li...
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