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Audioworks (NW) Ltd.

Allen & Heath QU24

Like the QU16 the QU24 continues to present excellent performance with an intuitive analogue style user interface.
Larger than the QU16 it has 8 more channels, 2 more FX sends, 10 assignable softkeys with the addition of 
2 stereo groups and 2 stereo matrix.

Rack Mountable the QU24 features total recall of settings, touchscreen control,
QU drive intergrted Multitrack recorder, QU- Pad control app and iLive's renowned FX libary for 
quality audio.

Please see details for more information.

24 mono Mic/Line Channels
3 Stereo Line channels
32 Sources to mix
12 mixes (4 mono, 3 Stereo, LR) 
4 FX with 4 FX send buses
10 Assignable softkeys
4 Mute Groups 
32 out, 30 in USB streaming
2 Stereo groups
2 Stereo Matrix

Extra stereo outputs - AES digital, Alt Out, 2TRK out
dSNAKE for remote audio using an AR2412 or AR84 Audio rack
AnaLOGIQ total recall analogue preamps
Talk back mic input
800 x 480 pixel colour touchscreen for quick control
Motorised faders for sends on faders, GEQ fader flip and mix recall
USB streaming to/from an Apple Mac computer (PC not supported)

To mention just a few.

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