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Allen & Heath MixWizard WZ3 16:2
Price: £895.00 + VAT
£1074.00 inc. VAT
16x Mic/Line Inputs
2x Stereo Inputs

MixWizard compact mixers have carved out a unique place in the pro audio pantheon of professional multipurpose consoles. For years, and in every year, Allen & Heath has supplied thousands of MixWizards for hundreds of different applications, all of which have four requirements in common - great sound, high quality, ease of use and lots of really useful features.

The third generation of MixWizard now offers even better sound quality, new preamp design, tailored EQ frequencies, an extra mono output on fader which can switched to provide a sub-bass mix from channel aux 6, and several routing changes to make the engineer's life easier. Put together with new styling and an extra lamp socket.

  • Performance improvements with new mic preamp design and more responsive EQ.
  • Extended PA possibilities with control of aux fed subs on new mono output fader.
  • Channel phantom power switches and signal indicators added.
  • Addition of a versatile 6x2 matrix on WZ314:4:2.
  • User friendly options on aux sends and direct outputs.
  • XLR lamp socket. New Syslink options.
  • Slimmer build.
  • Pluggable jumper links.
  • Easy service construction.
  • New meter moulding design.
  • Extra feet on connector pod.
  • Universal rack or desk mount.
  • Dual stereo channel routing modes.
  • New side trims for style and portability.
  • Separate internal power supply module.
  • Dual redundant power supply connector added.
  • Balanced channel XLR normals through TRS for mic or line level XLR.
  • Pre-EQ aux option added for pre-insert, post-mute.
  • New surface mount technology
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