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Before the explosion of the home recording market, there were very few established and respected manufacturers of professional recording quality (condenser) microphones. Those previous 'market-leaders' produced premium product that also carried a premium price.

Why were they so expensive? Well, the market at that time was small and considerable investment had to be recouped from a limited customer base.

RØDE's early manufacturing coincided with the emergence of the much larger home recording and project studio markets. The company was aware that by using the latest technologies, and the best design and engineering staff, production quantities could be produced which would achieve previously unheard of economies of scale resulting in better microphones for your dollar.
Rode S1
Price: £190.00 + VAT
£228.00 inc. VAT
Live Performance Super Cardioid Condenser Microphone

The RØDE S1 is designed specifically for 'no compromise' live vocal performance, but has also found a place in the studio where the performer wants to hold the recording mic.
Rode M2
Price: £99.17 + VAT
£119.00 inc. VAT
Live Performance Condenser Microphone

The M2 Live Performance Condenser Microphone benefits from RØDE’s extensive experience in crafting premium condenser microphones for studio, live and location use and is a direct result of the foundation set by the award winning S1.
Rode NT1-A
Price: £124.17 + VAT
£149.00 inc. VAT
The RØDE NT1-A has become an industry standard; delivering the warmth, extended dynamic range, clarity and high SPL capability usually only featured by some of the most expensive microphones.

Now available as the ‘Complete Vocal Recording Solution’ this NT1-A package now includes everything you need to get truly professional vocal recordings - the world’s quietest studio microphone, a studio grade pop shield and shock mount, a premium 20’ c...
Rode NT3
Price: £123.00 + VAT
£147.60 inc. VAT
Studio and Location Multi-Powered 3/4" Condenser Microphone

Stylish and modern, the NT3 is a studio and location workhorse. With both 48V phantom and internal 9V battery operation, this RØDE is at home anywhere.
Rode NT5
Price: £125.00 + VAT
£150.00 inc. VAT
Compact 1/2" Cardioid Condenser Microphone

The NT5 is a masterpiece of small-diaphragm cardioid-condenser microphone design.

Intended for recording acoustic instruments, drum overheads, cymbals and live performances, the compact externally polarized mic employs a 1/2" capsule, an active J-FET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer.
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